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Tamiga si 2Bad revin cu o noua super piesa la inceput de luna Octombrie, noul hit ‘Fly With Me’ a fost lansat la data de 7 Octombrie 2021 in premiera pe canalul de Youtube, Sprint Music.


I know it’s love
cause all the stars
Are fading away
We’ll see them together someone day

I need you bad
To stay with me
Don t Take it away
I know we’ll see them one day

Sometimes I feel you
From miles away
Sometimes I miss you
So come back to me

Sometimes I dream you
And I love the night
Cause I can hold you
Babe you are my light

So fly with me now
Up to the sky
Over the rainbow
Only with you

I love your smile
You’re deep blue eyes
I’d stay a while
Dressed with your arms

So stay with me
Just one more night
Boy set me free
Then take your flight

Listen free: Tamiga x 2Bad – Fly With Me on Radio Stil Romania